Rules and Regulations

University Rules for B.B.A. Program


University's Rules And Regulations of B.B.A. Programme : From : 5-12-2011

  • For passing, student has to score minimum 36% in external and total (External + Internal) exam separately.
  • The counting of SGPA will be done on external marks.
  • The counting of CGPA will be done by taking out the average of SGPA's of all the semesters.
  • For appearing into 2ndsemester from 1stsemester, student failing in any subject can continue with ATKT.
  • For appearing in 3rd semester one has to clear 2/3 of the total subjects of semester 1 and semester 2 otherwise one would not be able to appear for third semester.
  • For appearing in 5th semester, one has to clear 1st semester, 2nd semester and 2/3rdof the total subjects in 3rd + 4th
  • A single particular semester of BBA must be cleared in maximum two years or else, onehas to take the admission again in that semester and clear all the subjects.
  • All the six semesters of B.B.A. programme must be completed in maximum 6 years.
  • After passing in a particular or every subject, one cannot reappear for the passed exams,just for the sake of improving the score.
  • If the student is failing in total exam (External + Internal) and If the internal marks of thestudent is also less than 36%, he will be able to give internal as well as external exams but only internal exams cannot be given by the students. The internal exams would be given at the particular definite time only and for that purpose no other special exclusive internal exams will be conducted for any students.
  • According to the Ordinance-65, if the performance of those students (who are failing inmore than 50% of the total subjects in Internal exams, or getting less than 75% of the total attendance) is dissatisfactory, then principal of that college has to provide information of those students to the university before the exams. If the form of a particular student is withdrawn in the 1st semester then he cannot appear for the 2nd semester exam.
  • A student has to complete / clear all exams within five years of admission in BBAprogramme.

Guidelines Regarding Discipline and General Behavior:

1.1. All students shall see that a learning and disciplined atmosphere prevails in classrooms as well as on the college campus.

1.2. Students shall attend the regular classes and the laboratory strictly as per the time table.

1.3. Students shall take their position in the classroom as soon as the bell rings and before the faculty enters in the classroom.

1.4. Students shall avoid unnecessary roaming around, wasting time, making unhealthy comments or causing chaos in the college premises.

1.5. All students must maintain strict discipline in the classroom, library and computer lab. Loitering in the corridor is not allowed during lectures. Sitting at corridors and causing disturbance to study and office work, by any means will lead to monetary fine and other punitive actions.

1.6. Negligence of the duty, misconduct, and misbehavior with the teaching/non-teaching staff or damage to the properties of the college by any means will be seriously noted and actions up to the dismissal of the student can be taken.

1.7. Students shall not use gutkha, pan or any type of tobacco on the campus and those who are resorting to such practices, shall face immediate punishment.

1.8. Students, without authorization of the Director, shall not claim to represent the college at any organizations of students or at any political or civic organizations whatsoever.

1.9. Students shall treat the college property with care and consideration. They shall not make any marks on the furniture or walls. Any damage or destruction of the college property shall be punishable individually and collectively. Damage to the college property by unidentified persons will also be treated seriously. It is the responsibility of whole group to identify the culprit or the mass fine and/or punishment may be considered.

1.10. Valid Identity Card is compulsory for all students when they are in campus. It is required for using library, computer lab and is necessary in the examination hall and for all college activities. It can be checked at random. Students must display I-card by wearing it in the neck.

1.11. No outsiders are allowed in the campus without the permission of the Director Sir.

1.12. Students found involved in the malpractice in the examination or with serious misconduct / misbehaviour of any sort would be disqualified for the elections of Student Council. Only disciplined and well-mannered students would be eligible for contesting Students Council election.

1.13. Students can present their legitimate grievances to the Director personally or to the Staff members. Any other modes of protest shall be strictly avoided.

1.14. Students shall not form any clubs or associations without prior permission from the Director.

1.15. Students shall park their vehicles in the College campus in the area allotted for the same.

1.16. When the College students visit other institutions for competitions, etc., they shall show respect to the authorities concerned and shall refrain from any action that disturbs order.

1.17. Students shall cooperate with the staff members to create and maintain a learning atmosphere in the classrooms as well as on the campus.

1.18. Students shall extend courteous approach towards visitors or guests in the college premises.

1.19. College fees must be paid strictly as per the notice given. Normally it is within 10 (Ten) days from the beginning of the semester.

1.20. Our students are known for their cultured behavior and refined manners. This shall be reflected in their words and deeds in and out of the College. Rules are formal and must be strictly followed. However, from disciplined, well-mannered, good management students self managed and self-disciplined behavior is expected.

Guidelines for the Use of Mobile Phone :

2.1.      Use of mobile phone in college premises (class, corridors, library, laboratory, stairs etc.) is strictly prohibited.

2.2.      Students are advised not to bring mobiles to college.

2.3.      If mobile is found with student in college premises even in switched off position, it will be considered violation of the disciplinary norms.

2.4.      The usage of mobile is prohibited in college class rooms, Library and Computer Lab.

2.5.      If mobile is found along with student, mobile phone will be taken from the student and will remain in college custody for one month. In case of special need or in case of urgency of the mobile phone to the student college may consider to give the phone back to student on payment of fine of Rs.500/- in first few days of the incidence. After first week till the end of the month fine charged would be Rs. 300/-

2.6.      During examination (External or Internal) if student is found with mobile (even if in switched off mode) it will be considered misconduct during examination and punishment will be as per the university regulation.

2.7.      College will not be responsible for damage etc. to mobiles confiscated as punishment from students. However due care for identification and preservation will be taken.


Guidelines Related to Attendance:

3.1.      All students shall report to the college before the beginning time of their first lecture.


3.2.      Students shall take leave only for genuine reasons after submitting the leave applications by parents in writing to the Director.

3.3.      In case of illness, the Director shall be informed in writing immediately and not later than three days of resuming the college. Medical leave will be granted only with the medical certificate.

3.4.      Attendance in the classes is compulsory. Those falling short of attendance requirement of 75% minimum will be treated as per the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University regulation and may not be allowed for the internal / Final examination.

Rules for Library:

4.1.      Students shall issue one book for duration of one week and they can get it renewed if required.

4.2.      A fine of at least Rs.1/- per day shall be charged for the delay in returning the books. No excuses shall be entertained.

4.3.      All library books shall be returned maximum within a week after the College exams.

4.4.      Library in-charge shall provide the list of students, who have not returned library books at the dead line.

4.5.      In case of loss of any book, it shall be replaced in original or the double amount of the book shall be paid.

4.6.      Books shall be checked for missing pages or damages before the issue. The user shall be held responsible for any damage and liable to penalties as per the decision of the library in-charge.

4.7.      Periodicals and projects have to be referred in the library only.

4.8.      Students are not allowed to enter the library without Library card.

4.9.      Project once submitted by the students, will not be replaced or taken outside the library for any other purpose.

Rules for Computer Lab:

5.1.      Laboratory will remain open during the college timing.

5.2.      Students must enter their name in entry register as soon as they enter the lab for any work on computer.

5.3.      Students must only work related to their subjects or assignments on computer

5.4.      When using Internet, Students are strictly forbidden to visit any chatting site or any other site not related to their subject.

5.5.      Students are not allowed to enter the computer lab without identity card.

5.6.      The usage of mobile phone is prohibited in computer lab. Details of rules regarding usage of mobile phone are as per point No. 2 Guidelines and Rules For Students.

5.7.      Students are not allowed to play any games on computer.

5.8.      Students must keep their shoes properly arranged in shoe rack provided outside the computer lab.

5.9.      Students must keep proper discipline, maintain silence and avoid disturbance of any sort.

Guidelines for Exams and Evaluation:

Note: Examination and evaluation shall be done as per the guidelines provided by the University.

6.1.      Students shall enter the examination room at the first bell.

6.2.      On the answer sheets, students shall write their seat number, the name of the subject, etc.

6.3.      Students shall take only pen, pencil, ruler, non-scientific calculator, eraser, identity card and fee receipt inside the examination hall. All other belongings shall be kept outside the classroom.

6.4.      If any student is found with any paper, mobile phone, electronic gadgets or note inside the examination hall at any time during the examination, whether she or he uses it or not, the case will be reported to the evaluation in charge for disciplinary actions. If the student is found talking or exchanging anything without the permission of the supervisor, the similar disciplinary actions will be taken.

6.5.      All students shall write their seat numbers on the question papers as soon as they receive them.

Guidelines: Railway and Air Concessions:

7.1.      Students may avail the air and railway concessions to go home and back during major holidays as per norms of Railways, S.T. and Air authorities.

Parental Co-operation:

8.1.      Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with the college authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline in their wards and motivating them to take interest in the college activities. Thereby they should help the college in developing the overall personality of students. Parents and guardians are welcome to the college to get the feedback report of their children.